Spam to the Message Boards

Spam to the Message Boards

Postby admin » Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:37 pm


We are aware that spam messages are occasionally posted on our message
boards, and that some of these postings could be quite offensive.

As a courtesy to the legitimate users of these message boards, we try to
delete all spam posts as soon as possible.

Most of these spam postings are created and distributed by computers (in the
same way as automated marketing phone calls), and contain messages that are
not related to Al Jarreau, his music, or to music in general. And, some of
them carry viruses or malware which could damage your computer's hardware or

To protect your computer from infection:
-Do not open a posting that appears to be spam or one that seems off-topic
-If you open a message that you suspect could be spam, close it quickly.
-Do not click on a link in any message on the board.
-Do not reply to a posting that you suspect might be spam.
-Assure that your antivirus/antimalware protection is up to date
and that it is running.

To report a suspected spam message to the moderators, click on the little
triangle on the right hand corner of that message.

We appreciate your participation in our online community. While we can not
accept any liability for the postings by abusers, we regret this annoying
"cyber-clutter", and request that you always be cautious.

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